In addition to the events there will be food and drink, various stands, child care (Saturdays only), banner painting, pennant production, a chill tent and much more.

Saturday 29 June

  • 1 pm Arrival, build up and pizza
  • 2 pm Welcome speech
  • 2 pm open legal advice (until 4 p.m.)
  • 3 pm Input: How Switzerland excludes and controls migrants* in 2019
    A new asylum law came into force on 1 March 2019. In order to guarantee “faster, more efficient and fairer” asylum procedures, 16 federal (asylum) camps are being built in Switzerland. We will talk about the changes and critically discuss the developments.
  • 5 pm Concert: Under the 40 Squad (Rap)
  • 6 pm Input: The accelerated asylum procedure = the accelerated negative decision
    One person talks about his own experiences in the accelerated asylum procedure. about the negative decisions made quickly and about everyday life in the prison-like camp.
  • 6 pm Input: Interior views from asylum camps
    Three people affected by the emergency aid and camp regime tell us what this system means for their everyday lives and the reality of their lives.
  • 6 pm Sports
  • 7:30 pm Concert: Rap (tba)
  • 8 pm Input Migration and activism
  • 9:30 pm Concert: MeLa (Singer-Songwriter)
  • 10 pm Input: imprisoned hope – imprisoned hope
    In the Bässlergut prison, people without regular residence status are imprisoned for up to 18 months – without legal assistance. In a conversation with M., S. will talk about his experiences during the 14 months in deportation prison, answer questions and talk to those present.
  • 10 pm Film: NUK – Where injustice becomes right… (CH, 2018)
    The video clip shows emergency shelters (NUK) for rejected fugitives in the canton of Zurich: desolate places in no man’s land. They reflect the situation of the people who are forced to live there. Are you aware of the conditions there? Production: keinegrenzeseebach, 2018.
  • 12 pm Film: Love and Revolution (GR, 2019)
    July 2018: The European media claim that the austerity course was successful in Greece and that peace is reigning in the country. The film proves the opposite and shows people dreaming of love and revolution.

Sunday, 30 June

  • 08:30 am Breakfast
  • 10 am Workshop: Transformative Justice
    How can we deal with violence in our communities without calling the police? How can we collectively take responsibility instead of handing it over? What is justice like without punishment and imprisonment?
  • 12 noon Input: Living as Sans-Papiers in Basel
    Members of the Basel Sans Papiers Collective report on their lives without papers.
  • 12 noon Theatre Niemandsland
    Niemandsland is a utopian space.
  • 2 pm open legal advice (until 4 p.m.)
  • 2 pm “How to continue” plenary session
    We discuss the weekend, look back on our experiences and plan the future of 3 roses against borders.