Occupation 2019

29. Juni 2019 13 Uhr – 30. Juni 2019
Dreirosenanlage, Basel

We do not want to live in a world where racist controls are commonplace. We do not want to live in a world where people are locked up in federal asylum camps or (deportation) prisons. We do not want to live in a world where one step over an arbitrarily drawn line brings some into prison, while others cross the same border after every holiday and every shopping trip without any problems. Instead, we want to live in a world where people are free to choose where and how they live.

In June, we autonomously and openly take a contested place in Basel and organize events, workshops and discussions. A space is created for fundamental criticism of isolation and exclusion, imprisonment and expulsion, categorisation of people and racist structures. Through information, encounter and exchange, resistant practices are to emerge.

For a world of solidarity without federal asylum camps, Bässlergut prison and EU external borders.

Against federal asylum camps

The Swiss asylum system is a system of administration, control and imprisonment. This is all the more evident in the new degrading federal asylum camps. Let us defend ourselves in solidarity against this machine.

For the free choice of place to live – for everyone everywhere!

Against European external borders

The European external borders have been strengthened and militarised for years with the support of Switzerland – with the sole aim of preventing people from coming to Europe. Thousands have already died and thousands are trying to cross borders every day. Let us defend ourselves against isolation and borders.

Freedom of movement for all!

Against Bässlergut Prison

In Switzerland, migrants are more often sentenced to imprisonment instead of fines, and deportation prisons are built only for them. Deprivation of liberty is a tool of state racism. Let us resist imprisonment and deportation.

For a world without racism and prisons.

In order to be able to do something together, it is important to meet. Come by, inform yourself and get involved!